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1) Magic Sleeping Pants

Characteristics of taktails: Softness. Due to taktails superfine fibres, they are very soft to the touch. Warmth. Because of the fibres’ exceptional capacity to keep warm, taktails are currently most commonly used for producing sleeping socks. Lightness. The fibres are lightweight. Because they are a kind of superfine fibre textiles, they are also fast drying. -Weakness of taktails: Due their fiber loss and attenuation, taktails are currently used only for socks. -Compensation for the weakness of fiber loss and attenuation, and development: With our partner company manufacturing the fibres, we compensate for the weakness of fiber loss and attenuation found in products made of taktails. Consequently, we invented yarns of taktails which have no fiber loss and attenuation. We are now producing the self-invented yarns so as to develop a wide range of products.

2) Circular Bands

In general, when pants, leggings and tights are made, bands like a rubber band ought to be inserted into a cut in the waist. But, our company makes pants, leggings and tights by knitting those whole bodies circularly without any sewing. Such a way of knitting pants, leggings and tights is the same as that of knitting socks. So, the waist sizes of our pants, leggings and tights are available in one size that fits all. Manufacturers are usually troubled with different waist sizes for their products, but we suggest a possible solution to the problem. -Excellent elasticity. The waistband and legs stretch 1.5 times. They can also go back to their original condition. Due to such excellent elasticity, it is very easy to wear and take off our products. -Safety of the material. As the material of the circular band has been used for making socks over the years, its safety is secured.

3) Silvix nano : Exceptional quality of nano silver

Surface Coating Silvix Nano Composite
The surface coating process is to attach nano silver particles to the surface of yarns which as a result weakens sterilizing power as the particles are detached from the yarns by washing and friction Semi-permanently maintains 99% of the sterilizing power in spite of washing and friction due to equally dispersed nano silver particles inside the yarns.
Nano Silvix Nano
  • Sterilizing power: Weak
  • Durability: Weak
  • Economical efficiency: Fair
  • Sterilizing power: Good
  • Durability: Good
  • Economical efficiency: Good
  • The test(SHAKE FLASK METHOD, KSM 0146-2003) regarding Silvix’s antimicrobial power has showed the fact that Silvix has exterminated microbes by 99.9% of the germs cultivated for the test.

    microbes cultivated for the tes

    microbes cultivated for the test

    24hours later

    24hours later

    The biostatic reduction rate is 99.9%

    The biostatic reduction rate is 99.9%

    4) Tactel yarn

    In most cases, Tactel yarn which is a kind of Feather yarn is organized by core-yarn and effect yarn (frame and feather). It is safe to say that most functional yarns in particular are nylon or polyester. Tactel yarn is the same and its material is 100% polyester. In addition, it is soft to the touch by artificially twisting micro fibers as well as having an excellent heat-conservation effect with 65D/192 Fila which is thinner than hair and soft to the touch. (65D mentioned above means the thickness of thread and 192 means that 192 strands are used.)